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BGFC Sticker Pack


Customize and brighten up your personal items with the BGFC Glossy Sticker Pack. These stickers are designed to add a special touch to whatever you choose to adorn, be it a notepad, laptop, or phone case. With a glossy finish, they not only enhance the appearance of your belongings but also offer a fast and easy application process. The durability of 2–3 years ensures that your support for BGFC remains visible and vibrant over time.

This pack includes four distinct designs:

  1. The BGFC logo with "Pack The Pit" text above, celebrating the spirit of the BGFC home stadium.
  2. A sleek BGFC lion's head in black, symbolizing the team's strength and pride.
  3. A white oval featuring the "BGFC" letters in the middle, for a classic and clean look.
  4. The "Bowling Green Football Club" text, showcasing full team support in a straightforward design.

These stickers are perfect for fans looking to personalize their items and display their allegiance to BGFC in a stylish way.

Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the stickers.